Anatomy of Industrial Decline: Productivity, Investment, and Location in U.S. Manufacturing


SKU: 9780899302447
Author: Ullmann, John E
Publication Date: 09/26/1988
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This book presents a detailed industry-by-industry analysis of output and investment in American manufacturing. With imports soaring and the international indebtedness of the United States increasing, manufacturing has been the sector of the economy most threatened by outside pressures. In a growing number of products, domestic manufacture has ceased to be competitive, and in some products where American technological competence should have brought success, there are no American entries at all. The book’s major chapters deal with trends and changes, from 1967 onward, in labor productivity, investment per employee, the location of manufacturing establishments, and the role and impact of imports and exports. In each case, general quantitative analysis is followed by a detailed review of the problems with the products, manufacturing processes, and markets of each industry, thus providing not only an account of the industry’s current state, but an agenda for future change and improvement.