Analysis of the grammatical competence of written production


SKU: 9786206959694
Author: Saifi, Samira Saifi, Kheir Eddine
Publication Date: 12/19/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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All foreign language acquisition requires the mastery of four basic skills, which are essential in the didactics of foreign languages, including: written competence, which, once acquired, enables the learner to write a coherent, structured text through which he or she attempts to convey a message to others.Indeed, written production requires a certain number of skills, namely: grammatical competence, which we have attempted to develop and analyze in the course of our research. Our aim was to highlight the importance of acquiring grammatical competence in this decisive stage, which represents the starting point for 1AM learners’ learning to write in a standardized way, and thus to identify the various difficulties that prevent them from writing in a standardized and refined style on different writing occasions. In the same perspective, we emphasized the contribution of introducing ICTE as an appropriate solution that motivates learners and helps teachers to carry out the writing production session more effectively.