analysis of Product Placement as a strategic communication instrument: With particular regard to its effects on viewers of cinema and television film


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Author: Knöppel, Michael
Publication Date: 02/08/1999
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Inhaltsangabe: Abstract: The dissertation scrutinises the opportunities that product placement may entail as an additive and integral part of a company’s marketing mix. It also discusses its imminent disadvantages and threats as posed by the relevant German legislation. The main focus, however, is placed on the conceivable effects of product placement as regards brand awareness, recall, attitudes and increasing turnover. Einleitung: Die Arbeit untersucht die Möglichkeiten, welche “Product Placement” als eine additive und integrierte Komponente des Marketing-Mixes für interessierte Unternehmen bietet. Weiterhin werden ökonomisch bedingte Nachteile und Einschränkungen im Rahmen der deutschen Gesetzgebung erläutert. Das Hauptaugenmerk jedoch liegt auf den möglichen Auswirkungen des Product Placements auf Markenbekanntheit, Recall, Einstellungen (Attitudes) und Umsatzsteigerungen. Inhaltsverzeichnis: Table of Contents: List of abbreviationsVII 0.Executive Summary1 1.Introduction and scope of this worK2 1.1Objectives and limitations2 1.2Method of approach3 1.3Definition of terms4 1.4Categorisation of Product Placement within the communications mix7 2.Reasons for the development and growth of Product Placement10 2.1Overview10 2.2General market conditions and how to react to them10 2.3The changing face of the electronic media market11 2.3.1Television11 2.3.2Cinema/The film industry13 2.3.3Video16 2.4Growing ineffectiveness of traditional forms of advertising17 2.4.1New forms of media usage as reactions to the information overload17 2.4.2The problem of reactance19 2.5Internationalisation and globalisation of markets20 3.Historical development of Product Placement22 3.1Inception and evolution in the US22 3.2Overview of the German market27 4.Classifications of Product Placement in practice29 4.1According to the object placed30 4.1.1Product Placement in a narrow sense30 4.1.2Generic Placement31 4.1.3Corporate Placement32 4.1.4Innovation Placemen