Algernon’s Anomaly


SKU: 9781692332808
Author: Debudge, Valentyne
Publication Date: 09/24/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


There’s an anomaly corrupting the streets of the night club district. A paranormal vortex sits among the vibrating walls and neon lights, dormant. It is only awoken by the angst of an edgy teenager, triggering the beginning of the end. It was a simple ghost tour, that was, until it all went wrong. The effects of that night would haunt Thaddeus as he spent the next five years in the mental health unit, seeing things and hearing a voice that the medication couldn’t silence. Thaddeus could never forget the striking tour guide, Algernon, and his stupid smile. But what if Thaddeus wasn’t sick? What if he was haunted? Algernon holds the answers. In this paranormal romance, more than love hangs in the balance as an oppressive paranormal anomaly taints everything it touches. Thaddeus is left to untangle a haunting web of happily never afters, before his story becomes another.Content warnings for this book include suicide, depictions and descriptions. Please do not read if you will find these themes or images triggering.