Alaska (LARGE PRINT): Illustrated Guide for the Curious


SKU: 9781649221643
Author: Mann, Nikki Wohl, Jeff
Publication Date: 03/22/2021
Publisher: Sastrugi Press LLC
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Best mini-guide to the Alaskan Wilderness

This friendly, illustrated field guide presents interesting, but not overwhelming, information on Alaska’s most common land and marine creatures and their habitats. With this book you can learn bear safety, edible berries, tracking, how glaciers are shaping Alaska, the creatures in a tidepool, and so much more. Curious explorers of all ages will enjoy referencing this vibrant guide as you explore the wonder of Alaska.

“Have you ever wondered if that juicy yellow berry was safe to eat?”

This guidebook also features a special paper finish for notes. It accepts any type of pen or pencil for note-taking while in the field. This makes it much easier to write observations, dates, and anything else you may need to record while using the book.

Learn the techniques pros use to identify animal tracks.

Get your copy and explore Alaska today!