AI Startup Strategy: A Blueprint to Building Successful Artificial Intelligence Products from Inception to Exit


SKU: 9781484295014
Author: Mahendra, Adhiguna
Publication Date: 08/05/2023
Publisher: Apress
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Gain exclusive access to the secrets to building an enterprise AI start-up. AI innovation helps with every aspect of the business, from the supply chain, marketing, and advertising, customer service, risk management, operations to security. Industries from different verticals have been adopting AI and get real business values out of it.
This book guides you through each step, from defining the business need and business model, all the way to registering IP and calculating your AI start-up valuation. You see how to perform market and technology validation, perform lean AI R&D, design AI architecture, AI product development and operationalization. The book also cover building and managing an AI team, along with attracting and keeping business and developer users,
Building an Enterprise AI start-up is hard because Enterprise AI is an effort to build applications to mimic human intelligence to solve business problems. Hence it has a different challenge from building traditional non-AI applications, such as scouting, recruiting and managing AI talents; designing the most cost-efficient and scalable Enterprise AI; or establishing the best practice to operationalize AI in production
As we are in the dawn of the AI-first product wave, AI-powered products for enterprises will be created for many years to come and AI Startup Strategy is the one-stop guide for it.

What You’ll Learn

  • Match customer’s expectation VS technical feasibility
  • Justify business values and ROI for customers
  • Review the best business models for high valuation enterprise AI start-ups
  • Design an AI product that gives a satisfactory experience for the user
  • Register and value AI IP

Who This Book is For
Startup Founders, Product Managers, Software Architects/Lead Engineers, Executives