AI Revolution in Project Management: Elevating Productivity with Generative AI


SKU: 9780138297336
Author: Kanabar, Vijay Wong, Jason
Publication Date: 12/22/2023
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“I see a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only elevate the leadership role of project professionals in their organization, thanks to the AI-driven disruption, but also to increase projects success rate by leveraging AI, while using it responsibly. Project professionals are natural learners, problem solvers, innovators and most importantly, they get things done. This insightful book highlights how project professionals can deliver increased value and greater efficiencies by incorporating the use of generative AI tools in their daily tasks.”

-Pierre Le Manh, President & Chief Executive Officer of PMI

“Current organizations are finding themselves in a state of perpetual transformation driven by the progress of emerging technologies and evolvement of world-shaping megatrends. Today’s leaders demand fast and informed decision-making, often while dealing with high level of uncertainty, complexity, and competing priorities. Finding efficient ways to deal with large amounts of data, translate them into insight, and use this insight to deliver changes is one of the top future required capabilities of professionals who stay at the forefront of these transformations-project professionals. Reading this book will help you acquire a robust understanding of AI-driven project management tools and techniques. You will be able to translate this knowledge and immediately apply learnings to increase overall project success.”

-Lenka Pincot, Chief of Staff to the CEO, PMI

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, the fusion of project management and artificial intelligence stands at the forefront of innovation. The AI Revolution in Project Management delves deep into the transformative power of generative AI tools that promise to reshape industries, and revolutionize how we manage projects.

Whether you’re looking to build dynamic teams using AI, choose a project development approach, or monitor project performance, this book has got you covered. Each chapter provides insightful narratives and includes a supplemental Technical Guide that provides tips on using the AI technology. With case studies and prompts, the dialogues showcase AI in action, from stakeholder engagement to risk management. Dive in with experts who’ve spent countless hours using these AI tools in project scenarios to offer a transparent view into generative AI-driven project management.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to create prompts that generate meaningful and actionable insights tailored for your projects
  • When to use AI to enhance decision-making, super-charge productivity, and elevate overall project efficiency
  • Which generative AI models and plug-ins to use for specific project scenarios, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency