AI Interviewer: Product Manager Edition: 101 Questions and AI-Generated Solutions


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Author: Heerjee, Rushad Kaizad
Publication Date: 02/12/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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With the introduction of ChatGPT (AI), the landscape of interviews are changing. It can be used to generate interview questions, help candidates prepare responses, and even simulate interview interactions.

So, we ask, can ChatGPT solve the toughest product management interview questions?

This book guides you through 101 of the most common product management interview questions and provides AI-generated example responses to help you understand how to approach and answer these. From strategy and vision to product development, analytics and data, and leadership and communication, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to formulate your answers as well as the essential skills and competencies for product management interview success.

Why should you choose AI-generated answers over traditional ‘industry expert’ responses?

AI-generated answers are designed to take into consideration a wider range of perspectives, ideas and approaches rather than relying on a single expert’s point of view. They can help you come up with creative solutions to complex problems by thinking outside the box, rather than simply regurgitating pre-existing industry wisdom or forming a one-sided viewpoint.

Whether you’re an aspiring product manager looking to break into a FAANG organization or an experienced product leader seeking a change on Wallstreet, this book is an essential resource for mastering the product management interview process and standing out from the competition.

Why is the PM interview important?
What are common mistakes people make during the PM interview?
How can this book help you prepare?

Understanding the PM Role
What is a PM and what do they do?
What is the difference between a product and program manager?
What skills and qualities do successful PMs have?
How can you demonstrate these skills and qualities during the interview?

Top PM Interview Questions
An overview of the types of questions that may be asked during the PM interview
The STAR Method
101 top PM interview questions

Behavioral Questions Answers and Explanations
Role-Specific Questions Answers and Explanations
Case Questions Answers and Explanations
Obscure Questions Answers and Explanations
Technical (Code) Based Questions Answers and Explanations
Scenario Based Technical (Code) Questions Answers and Explanations
Brainteaser Questions Answers and Explanations