AI-Based Recommendation Systems: Enabling Personalized Product and Service Recommendations


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Author: Zheng, Minghai
Publication Date: 06/24/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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AI-Based Recommendation Systems have become an essential part of modern businesses, enabling them to provide personalized product and service recommendations to their customers. These systems leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data and generate accurate and effective recommendations.
The objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive overview of AI-based recommendation systems and their importance in providing personalized experiences for customers. The book explores various techniques and strategies used in AI-based recommendation systems, as well as their implementation challenges and ethical considerations.
The book is divided into multiple chapters that delve deeper into specific topics such as collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, hybrid approaches, and reinforcement learning. Additionally, the book covers contextual recommendations, real-time optimization, implementation of AI-based recommendation systems, future directions, and challenges.
Overall, this book provides a guide to AI-based recommendation systems, their techniques and strategies, implementation considerations, and future directions. By leveraging the latest techniques and strategies, businesses can provide valuable personalized experiences for their customers while also upholding principles of fairness and equity.
MingHai Zheng is the founder of and lives in Wuhan, China. His main publishing areas are business, management, self-help, computers and other emerging foreword fields.