Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production: Proceedings of the First International Conference, Adop 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 7-9, 202


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Editor: Ronzhin, Andrey Berns, Karsten Kostyaev, Alexander
Publication Date: 08/21/2022
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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PART I Keynote Lectures

1. Towards a Realistic Simulation for Agricultural Robots

2. Robotic Dairy Systems – Change in Management Paradigm

PART II Interdisciplinary Aspects of Organic Production

3. Quantitative Analysis of Bacterial Genes Expression as Prognostic Markers of Metabolic Disorders with the Aim of the Dairy Cattle’s Health Monitoring

4. Development of Organic Milk Production in Russia: Preferred Regions from the Perspective of Sustainability

5. Spatial Heterogeneity of Lithogenic Mosaic of Sod-Podzolic Soils of Chudskaya Lowland and Efficiency of Precision Fertilization System

6. Profiling of Reindeer’s Rumen Microbial Communities: Characteristics and Age-Related Analysis

7. Results of Study of Brucella Circulating in Natural Center of Brucellosis of Reindeer on Taimyr

8. Terminal RFLP and Quantitative PCR Analysis to Determine the Poultry Microbiota and Gene Expression Changes while Using Probiotic Strains

9. Managed Grain Production as an Element of Rational Nature Management, Ensuring the Production of Economically Valuable Grain with a Minimum Level of Hidden Damage

10. The Effect of Laser Stimulation on the Yield and Quality of Oat Grain

11. Ecological Aspects of Seasonal Dynamics of Wheat Thrips and Trophic Relationships in Wheat Agrocenoses

12. Review of Organizational and Legal Problems in the Field of Agro-Industrial Complex: Public-Private Partnership, Production Digitalization

13. Strategies of Land Use in the Regional Food Systems of Russia under Climate Change

14. The Development of Digitalization of Agricultural Production as the Factor in Improving Living Standard of the Rural Population

15. Fuzzy-Possible Approach to Agriculture Intellectualization Models

16. Analysis of Potential Demand in the Market of Organic Milk and Dairy Products

17. Effects of Ultradisperse Humic Sapropel Suspension on Exudation of Organic Acids in Different Families of Plants

18. Prospects and Problems of Digitalization of the Agricultural Economy