Agricultural production practices in the face of climate change


SKU: 9786206119784
Author: Yallou, Dominique Joël Cora
Publication Date: 06/23/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In the context of today’s unequivocal climate change, we may well ask ourselves what the origins of climate change are, and what the consequences are for people and their activities. In Benin, in the 2KP region, the heavy dependence of the majority of the population on climate-dependent agricultural and pastoral activities justifies all the attention paid by researchers to understanding and setting up programmes to reduce the vulnerability of rural populations. The aim of this research is to map agricultural production practices in the face of climatic hazards. A sample of 130 farms is being surveyed in the three communes. Farming activities are threatened by high levels of sunshine, heatwaves, poorly distributed rainfall, increased rainfall and pest attacks, all of which have biophysical and socio-economic impacts on these activities. Farmers have developed various methods of adapting to these risks, including adopting new crops, changing their technical itinerary, installing windbreaks, etc.