Agile Project Management: Includes Kaizen Guide to Grow Step by Step (Boost Your Team Productivity With Selected Scrum Strategies)


SKU: 9781774857311
Author: Jones, Steven
Publication Date: 07/30/2022
Publisher: Riisas Honaka
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Agile project management has become one of the most popular approaches to project management in recent years. With its ease of implementation and desire to involve all team players, it’s clear to see why the framework is being adopted across many different industries.

The book goes through the fundamentals of agile and the approaches you can adopt within any industry – not just software development – in order to make project management a smoother ride for all involved.

This book covers:

  • Why do most startups fail?
  • Fixing problems quickly
  • Lean analytics to monitor and optimize data
  • What are 5s, and how they work?
  • Benefits of lean thinking
  • The 5 phases of dmaic
  • How to accelerate your business with scrum

How a Sprint could make your life easierThe agile project management system is one of the most popular ones in the field today simply because for most organizations that adopt it, it works! While it’s not a perfect system, it’s one that provides a great deal of benefits to any organization and project team that applies it in their operations.