Adventures of Miss Kitty Popcorn & Cheese


SKU: 9781796078091
Author: Morrison, Ian
Illustrator: Schmidt, Ven
Publication Date: 12/12/2019
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Sam is a young witch having a hard time fitting in with the other students at witch school. Sam is different from the other girls in her class-she likes to play sports, wear boys clothes, and has a crush on one of the other students who just happens to be a girl. When it becomes time for Sam to perform her spell for final exams, things do not go as planned-and it sets off a fun and magical adventure for herself, her cat Miss Kitty Popcorn, and her cat’s bestie Cheese the mouse! There’s enough pressure on Sam at Witch school since she comes from a big family of amazing witches-luckily there’s a newly magical cat and mouse by Sam’s side to get her though all this mess-and to discover her own magical self!