Advances in Sensor Technology for Sustainable Crop Production


SKU: 9781786769770
Editor: Lobsey, Craig Biswas, Asim
Contribution by: Guo, Wenxuan Gu, Haibin Ghimire, Bishnu Adedeji, Oluwatola Schirmann, Michael Walker, Jeffrey P Ye, Nan Zhu, Liujun Sudduth, Kenneth A S Veum, Kristen Grote, Katherine Tabbagh, Alain Maud, Seger Cousin, Isabelle Allred, Barry Koganti, Triven Gilliot, Jean-Marc Sauzet, Ophélie Long, Megan Franzen, David W Denton, Anne M Shiratsuchi, Luciano S Carneiro, Franciele M Ferreira, Francielle M Lanza, Phillip Rontani, Fagner A Brito Filho, Armando L Seben Junior, Getúlio F Brandao, Ziany N Silva Junior, Carlos A Teodoro, Paulo E Dodla, Syam
Publication Date: 02/21/2023
Publisher: Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Ltd
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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With the agricultural sector facing mounting pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, greater emphasis has been placed on improving existing components and practices, such as soil health and biodiversity, which have since emerged as key components to achieving regenerative agriculture.

Sensors provide the opportunity to measure crop and soil health at unparalleled scales and resolution. Key developments in sensor technology will help improve our current understanding and optimisation of the complex agricultural systems that make up our global ecosystem. Advances in sensor technology for sustainable crop production provides a comprehensive review of the wealth of research on key developments in sensor technology to improve monitoring and management of crop health, soil health, weeds and diseases. This collection also reviews advances in proximal and remote sensing techniques to monitor soil health, such as spectroscopy and radiometrics, as well as how sensor technology can be optimised for more targeted irrigation, site-specific nutrient and weed management.