Advances in Methane Production from Coal, Shale and Other Tight Rocks


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Editor: Li, Yong Cui, Fan Xu, Chao
Publication Date: 12/06/2022
Publisher: Mdpi AG
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This collection reports on the state of the art in fundamental discipline application in hydrocarbon production and associated challenges in geoengineering activities. Zheng et al. (2022) report an NMR-based method for multiphase methane characterization in coals. Wang et al. (2022) studied the genesis of bedding fractures in Ordovician to Silurian marine shale in the Sichuan basin. Kang et al. (2022) proposed research focusing on the prediction of shale gas production from horizontal wells. Liang et al. (2022) studied the pore structure of marine shale by adsorption method in terms of molecular interaction. Zhang et al. (2022) focus on the coal measures sandstones in the Xishanyao Formation, southern Junggar Basin, and the sandstone diagenetic characteristics are fully revealed. Yao et al. (2022) report the source-to-sink system in the Ledong submarine channel and the Dongfang submarine fan in the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea. There are four papers focusing on the technologies associated with hydrocarbon productions. Wang et al. (2022) reported the analysis of pre-stack inversion in a carbonate karst reservoir. Chen et al. (2022) conducted an inversion study on the parameters of cascade coexisting gas-bearing reservoirs in coal measures in Huainan. To ensure the safety CCS, Zhang et al (2022) report their analysis of available conditions for InSAR surface deformation monitoring. Additionally, to ensure production safety in coal mines, Zhang et al. (2022) report the properties and application of gel materials for coal gangue control.