Advances and Developments in Biobutanol Production


SKU: 9780323911788
Editor: Segovia-Hernandez, Juan Gabriel Behera, Shuvashish Sanchez-Ramirez, Eduardo
Publication Date: 11/21/2022
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Advances and Developments in Biobutanol Production is a comprehensive reference on the production and purification of biobutanol, from the fundamentals to the latest advances. Focusing on selection of biomass, choice of pretreatments, biochemistry and design of fermentation, purification and biofuel application, the book also provides details on biorefinery design, lifecycle analysis, and offers perspectives on future developments. Through detailed analysis, chapters show readers how to overcome the challenges associated with the correct selection of raw material and adequate biomass pretreatment, the selection of microorganisms for fermenting biomass sugars, the purification of effluent coming from fermentation, and the high energy demands of production.

Solutions are supported by step-by-step guidance on methodologies and processes, with lab and industry-scale case studies providing real-world examples of their implementation. This book provides readers with a unique and comprehensive reference on the production of biobutanol for biofuel that will be of interest to graduates, researchers and professionals involved in bioenergy and renewable energy.