Acceleration of product development process in small and middle size companies


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Author: Mollenhauer, Jens-Peter
Publication Date: 12/08/1999
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Inhaltsangabe: Abstract: The challenge to accelerate the product development time in small and middle size companies can be answered by an comprehensive, sustainable approach PROCOM Productivity by Creativity and Communication. Threats and challenges on the market can be met by implementation of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), adapted controlling tools and a suitable IT-concept. Inhaltsverzeichnis: Table of Contents: 1.QFD – Meeting the needs of the customers5 1.1QFD – Definition and description6 1.2The House of Quality (HOQ)17 1.3QFD-Tachometer22 1.4QFD software evaluation23 1.4.1Customer requirements24 1.4.2Technical descriptors26 1.4.3HOQ for the “perfect” QFD software tool28 2.Concept of market research32 2.1Results of market research35 2.2Target market35 2.3Focus of information35 2.4Strategy to gather information35 2.5Program to gather information36 2.6Project management of market research40 3.Concept of Controlling tools40 3.1Cost Distribution Sheet41 3.1.1Cost centres42 3.1.2Cost types43 3.1.3Allocation factors44 3.2Marginal contribution44 3.3Price calculation45 3.3.1Product price calculation45 3.3.2Product post price calculation47 3.3.3Product price calculation analysis48 4.Concept of IT-improvements48 4.1Safety51 4.2Standard filing and templates52 4.3Staff training53 5.Literature54