A P O M E No More: The Poetic Rescue: Product of My Environment


SKU: 9780595470952
Author: Johnson, Anthony D
Publication Date: 01/28/2008
Publisher: iUniverse
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Written within these pages is a man’s struggle with himself, society, poverty, race relations, negative attitudes, and countless issues where fight or flight were usually the first alternative. Forced to challenge the only lifestyle known, Anthony fumes, vents, and seeks solitude, desperate to escape the madness.

These stories portray descriptive accounts of how the mind deals with constant adversity. Each page represents a moment or triggers a memory that anyone rich or poor can relate to.

This book shares insights about these processes: It is a struggle to fight negative persuasion; Anxiety leads to depression, fracturing the mind, body, and soul; Feeling accepted and appreciated is what the world longs for; Shake off the adversity and get back on the Right Track; Strong shackles are holding us down; It is to speak with sincerity and be genuine to establish a foundation to teach and share with all of us. We may be bruised, we may be sick, it may take months for us to heal, but being around to cherish life is what makes reality real; we made the decision to dream; pressured to use logic; love is a way of life, not just a saying.

Read as he falls again and again but manages to continue that strife towards upward mobility. There’s no winning in quitting.