8 Values of Highly Productive Companies: Creating Wealth from a New Employment Relationship (General)


SKU: 9781921513206
Author: Baker, Tim
Publication Date: 07/24/2009
Publisher: Australian Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A must-have in any manager’s library. — Sergio Carlo Maresca, author of BREAKAWAY!

If you think you are doing it right, think again and read this book. — Dr Roxanne Zolin, QUT

An excellent read for organisation specialists. — Hermias C. Hendrikse, Director of Organisation Effectiveness, Etisalat, UAE The employment relationship as we know it is a relic of the last century. Globalisation, competition and financial pressures are challenging organisations to be more adaptabale. This book offers managers and professionals a new, research-based employment model that will alter the way employees and employers think about their working relationship, aligning the changing needs and interests of individuals and organisations to produce a sustainable, productive and profitable workplace in any financial climate.