7 Principles of extremely Productive Individuals: The series on behavior


SKU: 9798876508669
Author: Young, Steven M
Publication Date: 01/17/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Dr. Steven M. Young places a strong focus on self-renewal and recognizes that creativity and leadership demand us to draw from our own resources physical, mental, and spiritual which are precisely what we need right now. With the help of this Special Edition eBook companion, honor the everlasting wisdom and power of Steven M. Young’s beloved classic, The 7 Principles of extremely Productive Individuals. The 7 Principles of Extremely Productive Individuals, one of Dr. Steven M. Young’s most influential and inspirational books to date, is changing the lives of kids, parents, educators, and CEOs. You may now improve your life by learning important lessons from the habits of successful individuals. A very clear and readable eBook format. Do you want to learn transformative habits that can help you lead a more successful and fruitful life? This eBook companion provides a practical but comprehensive roadmap to achieving your objectives and becoming your best self. Utilize the timeless knowledge and strength of Dr. Steven M. Young’s classic to improve both personal and corporate health. More success, less worry. It just takes a few minutes a day to cultivate the values that will help you remain proactive and optimistic. Release yourself from outdated notions. Strive for significant transformation. Create constructive habits.