3 Erotic Gay Novellas


SKU: 9781610980999
Author: Brooks, Hank
Publication Date: 04/15/2011
Publisher: Nazca Plains Corporation
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


These three novellas could not be more different, yet they are tied together by a unified theme: Gay Love. They run the gamut from the spiritual (The Transplanted Heart) to the Profane (Eternal Love) to murder and suspense (Death on the Hudson).The Transplanted Heart is a story of the atonement and redemption of a Baptist minister who finds himself in love with an Episcopal priest. Their love is protected by the guardian angel whose heart the minister has received in a transplant.Eternal Love is the story of the loneliness of immortal vampires, who eventually find love, and someone to be their companions for the rest of their eternal lives.Murder on the Hudson is a no nonsense straight out murder mystery in the grand traditions of Agatha Christie. The reader will never guess the murderer until the last few paragraphs.