PAT@Giovanni’s Room Featured in Passport Magazine

Go renew your passport now, because you must travel around the world to see all the LGBT bookstores on the planet. Here’s an “update”: you’re lucky because you happen to live in a moment where LGBT bookstores are still a thing, so you better take advantage of that before it’s too late and the robots take over! If you’re especially lucky, you live in Philadelphia and you don’t even need a passport to come see us.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in Philadelphia, (we all know that this city is amazing and you probably never want to leave), you could always plan a trip around seeing the other amazing LGBT Bookstores Around the World. It just so happens that @steven_bereznai has got you covered. Go read his run down of other LGBT Bookstores around the globe, and be sure to send us a postcard while you’re away.

Lots of Love,

PAT@Giovanni’s Room

PS: we don’t want to start like a feud or anything, but everybody knows we’re the “best”.

Gay Bookstores Around the World