New Releases: January 2023

Kick off the new year the right way! These January queer releases are perfect for filling – and sticking to – your New Year’s reading list.

We’ll continue to update this post throughout the month, so keep it bookmarked!

January 3 Releases

For lovers of queer history, sexology, and the fundamental ambivalence of modern life!
I feel witchy… and bitchy… and gay.

January 10 Releases

For those hoping to give their local cat lesbian a happy ending.
For those still waiting to throw the big gay party their inner child always dreamed of.

January 17 Releases

For those finding hope and resistance in queer parenting.
Lovers of bittersweet queer longing: this book is for you!
What even IS romance without a promposal crisis?

January 19 Releases

Trans joy, freedom, and power: need we say more?

January 24 Releases

For lovers of high modernism; or, the original celesbian content.
For those whose queerness feels like the fleeting entanglements of the natural world…

January 31 Releases

Embrace culture, cooking, and queer love with this romance – oh, and conquer that family guilt while you’re at it.
Lights! Camera! Lesbians!