7 LGBT Books for Back to School

Summer loving had me a blast… But it’s time to hit the books once again! Check out these 7 LGBT books that we’re reading for the back to school season. We have something for every student and educator. Whether you want to learn how to create safe spaces in the classroom or gain insight on how to teach LGBT history or if you want to be titillated by frat boys… we have you covered!


Trans* in College: Transgender Students’ Strategies for Navigating Campus Life and the Institutional Politics of Inclusion

School’s Out: Gay and Lesbian Teachers in the Classroom

Every Frat Boy Wants It

How to Transform Your School Into an Lgbt+ Friendly Place: A Practical Guide for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Teachers

People Like Us

Understanding and Teaching U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History

Safe Spaces: Making Schools and Communities Welcoming to LGBT Youth