A Reading with L. Scott Stoltz


L. Scott Stoltz is the author of

Obsessions, Digressions, and Shocking Confessions! (Welcome to My Therapy), $16.95 pb. Obsessions, Digressions...

In this unforgettable book, Stoltz discusses many of the issues that a 57-year-old gay man must deal with. Such items include:

*Abandonment by a life-partner of over 10 years
*Major depression and anxiety
*An obsession with Cher
*Seduction by a male professor
*Molestation by an uncle”
*Being accused of trying to kill a best friend!
*Owning and losing a successful business
*Drug, alcohol, and sex addiction
*Suicide attempts
*Supportive, yet off-the-wall family
*Commitment to psych wards


Let me introduce myself!  I am L. Scott Stoltz, born and raised in South Jersey.  I moved to Philadelphia in 1994 when I met my partner.  He and I owned and operated About the Beat Records right here on Pine Street for 8 years!  All my life I have considered myself a “frustrated” writer, and finally, after years of stopping and starting, I have completed my first book, titled, OBSESSIONS, DIGRESSIONS, AND SHOCKING CONFESSIONS!  (Welcome to my Therapy), published through PublishAmerica.com.  It is a personal memoir, written “tongue-in-cheek”, in a conversational tone between me and the reader (i.e. my Therapist!).

Event date: 

Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Event address: 

Giovanni's Room
345 South 12th Street
19107 Philadelphia


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