Best Gay Stories 2010

Best Gay Stories 2010 (Hardcover)

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In the newest edition of Best Gay Stories, acclaimed editor Steve Berman has selected confessions and stories that range in scope from "S"-sensational-to "XL"-extra-liberating: a personal remembrance of the Stonewall Riots;a tale of awkward first love; the allure of Tadzio for not only Gustav vonAschenbach but every reader of Thomas Mann; the wisdom of Auntie Mame as one man's banner-among other explorations of our community's desires, heartaches and wants. The labels on these stories are designer, the stitching strong, and the fit, you will find, is perfect.Featuring work by Anthony McDonald, Paul Lisicky, Jeff Mann, Nowell Briscoe, G. Winston James, Jay Michaelson, Wayne Hoffman, D Travers Scott, Lewis DeSimone, Richard Bowes, Phillip Tang, Lee Thomas, Marshall Moore, Jameson Currier, Chaz Brenchley, Paul Reidinger, Jonathan Kemp, Christopher Bram, Mark Merlis, and Sean Meriwether.

Product Details ISBN-10: 1590213041
ISBN-13: 9781590213049
Published: Lethe Press, 11/01/2010
Pages: 249
Language: English